Fabric of the Universe, 2014

Electromagnetism Based Projected Light Installation

Electromagnetic energy surrounds us. It envelops the earth and ripples outward like a giant net ensnaring planets, galaxies and beyond. We are unable to see this fabric of the universe. Here it is presented as an undulating grid, modelling the surface of electromagnetic fields found in our earthly and stellar environments. The torus or donut pattern of electromagnetism that surrounds each human is thought to be a possible shape of our universe. The rippled surface that spreads outward from a droplet hitting a liquid surface has been presented as the shape of the big bang. The funnel is believed to describe the form of black holes and the exhale of dying stars. The play of wind in the trees and the shifting perspective of the approaching viewer suggest the multidimensionality of our cosmic reality. Fabric of the Universe signifies the limited and illusory nature of human experience.

Special thanks to Joe Lin and Dan Ebert.

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