Radha Chaddah is a Toronto based visual artist and scientist. Born in Owen Sound, Ontario, she studied Film and Art History at Queen’s University (BAH), and Human Biology at the University of Toronto, where she received a Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Neurobiology. 

Radha makes art about invisible realities using light as her primary medium. Her work examines the interconnectedness of our material reality from the micro to the macro. In her studio she designs large scale projected light installations for public exhibition. She prepares samples and shoots much of this imagery in laboratories at the University of Toronto. There, Radha uses the tools of research science to grow cells using embedded fluorescent light-emitting molecules. She examines these cells and myriad other fragments of nature using a variety of imaging systems from light based laser confocal fluorescent microscopes to non-light based ultra high magnification scanning electron systems.

Her photographs and light installations have been exhibited across Canada. She has lectured on her artistic practice and cell biology at the Aga Khan Museum, the University of Toronto, the Ontario College of Art and Design University and the Textile Museum of Canada. Radha is the founder of Under 5 Studio, which brings together traditional and new media artists to produce work for public exhibition. Radha’s work has been supported by the Canada Council of the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, reviewed by the CBC, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, BlogTO and Fashion Magazine.

Artist Statement

At the cutting edge of science there is discovery, inspiration and many more questions than answers. My cell photographs signify the great chasm that exists between what is known and unknown.  I make my art because I wish to explore the beauty and complexity of the unseen world using the power of scientific discovery and methodology. 

I aim to draw the public gaze to the realm of science. Curiosity, ingenuity and desire have led us to a place where the merging of disciplines drives our transformation. Regenerative medicine, bioengineering, nanotechnology and robotics usher in a new era as they converge. We are part of nature, and so are our creations. Human nature churns within Nature, as we leave thoughtful consideration to arise in the wake of action and consequence.

- Radha Chaddah

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