IAM: Earthly and Cosmic for the Aga Khan Museum

Online exhibition, 2023

See full bodies of work here and here.

Earthly, the 3rd act of IAM explores the ascendance of nature through human lockdown. In Earthly, the planet is released from the oppression of global human activity, and breathes more easily as the air and waters clear. The dancers play wind and water. They begin in a restricted state, symbolizing our degraded environment, before becoming liberated by lockdown.

In Cosmic, the final act of IAM, we explore the vastness of space. At this scale our human struggles are inconsequential. In Cosmic, the dancers portray dark matter, playfully and mysteriously interacting with the energies they encounter. Cosmic is a journey away from earth toward our beginnings. As we venture to the Big Bang, waves of electromagnetic energy flow and the fabric of the universe heaves in perpetual motion.

The online exhibition of these pieces presented by the Aga Khan Museum can be view here.

The short films of acts 3&4 of IAM were presented from October 18th-December 13th 2023 by the Aga Khan Museum, nested in an online exhibit about the work.

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