IAM: Dance of the Molecules for the Aga Khan Museum 

Online exhibition, 2021

See full body of work here

Dance of the Molecules is the first of 4 acts of IAM, a Covid story told through dance and light.  Each act takes place at different scales of material reality, from micro to macro. Created as an immersive performance installation, and shot as as short film for release during pandemic times,  this first act tells the story of human and viral enmeshment in the molecular realm. The dancers play molecular characters who are compelled by forces of attraction.  When they fit together perfectly, a cascade of events is triggered. There is an astonishing beauty to be found in the molecular realm that exists in contrast to the fear and suffering we are experiencing in the human realm as a result of the current pandemic. Yet this molecular materiality is what we are.  We cannot be separated from it, from the fabric of nature.

The short film of this first act was presented in 2021 by the Aga Khan Museum, nested in an online exhibit about the work.

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