IAM: Of Body and Mind, 2022


From the Latin for ‘now’, IAM (ee-yam) is a story told through dance and light: an immersive performance and installation about perspectives in pandemic times. IAM follows the story of the pandemic through four different material realms, from molecular to cosmic.

Of Body and Mind explores the human response to pandemic confinement. As we descend into lockdown, our characters retreat into mental turmoil. The inner and outer selves converge and oppose as they navigate through a fleshy landscape of human tissues.

Of Body and Mind was inspired by the changes to our inner and outer lives as humans living through a pandemic time. The dancers’ struggle to unite body and mind mirrors the larger struggle of our species to accept our interconnectedness to nature, and to all the material realities presented in IAM.

Director: Radha Chaddah
Choreographer: Allie Blumas, Open Fortress
Composer: Dan Bédard
Director of Photography: Henry Sansom
Featuring: Lee Gelbloom, Anna Mayberry
With: Ana Groppler, Sid Ryan Eilers
Production Design: Radha Chaddah
Editor: Nicole Sison
Costume Design: Call and Response Clothing
Production Manager: Jaclyn Blumas
Assistant Director: Jaclyn Blumas
Flame Artists: Mike Bishop, Melissa Vasiliev
Flame Support: Fort York VFX
Colorist: Marc Boucrot
Camera Assistants: Kaya Marcus, Andrew Raynor
Hair and Makeup: Hally Levy
Documentarian: Dave MarcusProduction
Assistants: Kaya Marcus, Tom Hobson, Valen O'Neill
Caterer: Soleil Decaudin
Producers: Radha Chaddah, Jaclyn Blumas
Executive Producers: Under 5 Studio, Merely Players

Tissues in order of appearance:
Peripheral nerve
Muscle and bone
Kidney (Medulla)
Kidney (whole)

Special Thanks to:
Lindsey Fiddes
Derek Vanderkooy

Produced with financial support from:
Under 5 Studio
Merely Players
Canada Council for the Arts
Toronto Arts Council 

Filmed in Toronto, Canada
© Radha Chaddah

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