Mouth of Krishna, 2013

Projected Light and Sculptural Installation

Humans are part of nature. All of our manifestations of thought, action and being, from demonic to divine, are a piece of the continuum of life. Our efforts to exploit the environment for our own ends is not unique among animals, but the fruits of our labour stand alone. A culmination of human ingenuity has led to the convergence of robotics, nanotechnology and bioengineering. This installation signifies the blinding brilliance and terror that exists at the intersection of these disciplines, as we prepare to merge man and machine.

I aim to draw the public gaze to the realm of science. Here I choose to explore human nature within Nature. Primarily, our curiosity, desire, and propensity to leave thoughtful consideration to arise in the wake of action and consequence.

The story of the mouth of Krishna in Hindu mythology

One day, the young Hindu god Krishna was found eating dirt by his foster mother. He denied it, so she told him to open his mouth and show her. Believing him to be the simple boy he appeared, she was not prepared for the revelation of his divine form inside his mouth. She was stricken by awe as she witnessed the overwhelming vastness of the cosmos, the frightening and wondrous power of nature and the never-ending forms of countless gods, creatures and all people ever born roiling in the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

Special thanks to Jason Sharpe and Julian Kirk-Elleker of AXS Biomedical Animation Studio.

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