Redshift, 2016

Real-Time Brainwave Generated Projected Light Installation

The brain is a vast array of connecting cells. Electrical impulses travel along the outer surface of these cells from neighbour to neighbour, radiating out across an immense network. Even the mind at rest is alive with synchronized electrical impulses. Redshift carries this electrical conversation out of the body and onto surrounding trees by using EEG headsets, an app based interface and projected light. Redshift happens when light from an object travelling away from an observer is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. This is how we discovered that the universe is expanding, as mostly all celestial bodies emit red light, so are travelling away from earth. In this installation, the active thinking waves (Beta) create an expanding ripple that falls outward over the trees in the same shape as electromagnetic waves that radiate out from the big bang. Delta, Theta, Alpha and Gamma waves travel in the opposite direction, toward the epicentre of the ‘big bang’ Beta waves, shifting toward red as they go. The electrical energy of the brain is internal, yet one’s psychic energy radiates outward to be felt by others. Redshift symbolizes the mobility of psychic energy, and the transformative power of imperceptible forces.

This installation was created in collaboration with Israel Gasperin and Dan Bosnyak.
Special thanks to Joe Lin.

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