Temple of the Mind, 2015

Projected light installation

Memory is Architecture. Temple of the Mind evokes the process of memory formation in the brain. Messengers are delivered from the nucleus of a neural cell and travel out into the branches. In different places and at different times the molecular messengers cause structural proteins to be assembled. These proteins fortify the architecture of the cell, strengthen the skeleton and create new branches. This is memory. It is a process in motion. Molecules in motion, cemented in structure, and undone by degeneration.

We combined cell and molecular research on memory formation with 3D modelling, animation and projector mapping to create Temple of the Mind. This piece came from a continuing desire to explore the unseen. We took inspiration from visualizations of memory formation presented in a recent paper in Science, and from the idea that the mind is the centre of spirituality, alive with a multidimensional flow of energy.

Temple of the Mind at Spadina Museum for Nuit Blanche 2015 was staged in collaboration with Tom Kuo.

Special thanks to our contributors Joe Lin, Alex Kurina and Kevin Yung.

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