IAM: Earthly, 2023


From the Latin for ‘now’, IAM (ee-yam) is a story told through dance and light: an immersive performance and installation about perspectives in pandemic times. IAM follows the story of the pandemic through four different material realms, from molecular to cosmic.

The 3rd act of IAM explores the ascendance of nature through human lockdown. In Earthly, the planet is released from the oppression of global human activity, and breathes more easily as the air and waters clear. The dancers play wind and water. They begin in a restricted state, symbolizing our degraded environment, before becoming liberated by lockdown.

The online exhibition of this piece presented by the Aga Khan Museum can be view here.


Director: Radha Chaddah
Choreography: Allie Blumas, Open Fortress
Composer: Jaclyn Blumas
Director of Photography: Henry Sansom
Featuring: Lee Gelbloom, Allie Blumas
Director of Choreography: Anna Mayberry
Production Design: Radha Chaddah
Editors: Nicole Sison, Marc Boucrot
Costume Design: Call and Response Clothing
Production Manager: Andrew Finlay Stewart
Assistant Director: Jaclyn Blumas
Visual Effects: Zak Tatham, Pomelo Studio
Colorist: Marc Boucrot
Camera Assistants: Moeinreza Motallebi, Jason Lin, Daniel Poirier, Sam Ponting
Dolly Grips: Adrienne McLaren Devenyi, Valen O’Neill
Documentarian: Andrew Finlay Stewart
Production Assistant: Valen O’Neill
Producers: Radha Chaddah, Jaclyn Blumas
Executive Producers: Under 5 Studio, Merely Players

Animated Scanning Electron Micrographs in order of appearance
Wauke Leaf
Fungal Threads and Spores
Reindeer Lichen
Cedar Leaf
Water Lily Pad

Special Thanks to
Lindsey Fiddes
Dave Marcus
Ania Marcus
Derek VanderKooy
Alexis Cadorette Vigneau
Margaret Sim
Darcy and Michael Fehllings
Geoff Morgan

Produced with Financial Support from
Under 5 Studio 
Merely Players
Canada Council of the Arts
Toronto Arts Council

Filmed on location in Toronto
© Radha Chaddah

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